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Dress to Impress at Greengate!

Getting ready for the long, cold winter means acquiring the essential clothing you’re going to need. If you’re working outside, then protecting yourself is crucial and you need quality gear from a trusted supplier. That’s where Greengate come in, with a wide range of clothing perfectly suited to get you through the winter.

The winter months are notorious for an increase in accidents at work and on the road and many of these are due to a lack of visibility caused by the dark nights. These accidents can be avoided by making sure you are seen by motorists, colleagues, and everybody else. The best way to get yourself noticed is in hi-vis gear and you can get the best quality Dickies garments right here at Greengate, your local builders merchant.

The thinsulate bob hat is a must. Humans lose a large proportion of heat from their heads and keeping a hat on will ensure that your body can maintain an even temperature. When we’re working, we often don't notice how cold we’re getting so it’s good to feel protected by a trustworthy brand like Thinsulate.

Gloves are important too; you do most of your work with your hands and they are particularly sensitive to cold, especially the fingers. There are lots of glove choices on the Greengate website. From the heavy duty rigger gloves to the popular Scan Hi Vis Glove designed to offer maximum thermal protection. If your fingers must be exposed for precision work, then our fingerless mittens will at least keep the rest of your hand protected.

For all over protection, we recommend the Regatta Stormbreak jacket and trousers. They’re designed to combat bad weather and make a smart uniform into the bargain. If you’re going to get really wet then you should consider the PVC waterproof suit as getting wet and cold is not a healthy combination!

There are lots more items of clothing in our range including shoes and boots perfect for the winter months. Browse the collection today and kit yourself out so you’re safe, seen, and totally cosy! Greengate, your local builders merchant.

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