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Enviroseal By Wykamol



 Highly penetrating, low odour solvent.

  • May be applied by brush or low pressure spray.
  • Will shed waterborne dirt and reduce surface conta­mina­tion.
  • Improves insulation by keeping surfaces dry.
  • Colourless, and non staining
  • Vapour permeable (allows the surface to breath).
  • Becomes effective immediately after drying (appro­ximately 3 hours).
  • May be overcoated at a later date with decorative paints.
  • Conforms to the performance requirements of BS 6477 :1992 for substrate groups I and II.


 Enviroseal is an effective water repellent liquid based on a solvent free silicone/­siloxane emulsion for use above ground on porous brickwork, cement renderings, asbestos, cement/­mineral boards, unglazed tiles, cast concrete, roughcast, stonework (including calcareous

materials, i.e. those containing limestone), wood, canvas and leather.

Surfaces treated with Envi­rose­al­re­main permeable to vapour so that moisture within the structure does not remain trapped.

Enviroseal is clear and colourless and will not normally alter the appearance of treated surfaces. In some circum­stances, however, very slight darkening may occur.

The treated masonry surface will not prevent the penetration of water at pressures greater than approx. 1.4kg cm2 (20lbs per square inch).

Depending upon the nature of the surface to be treated and conditions of exposure, two coats of Envi­rose­alcan be effective for at least 10 years.

 Note: Enviroseal is NOT a dustproofing sealer or a damp-proofing membrane.


 Substrates should be prepared by cleaning to remove all surface conta­minants, including fungal/mould growths (e.g.Wykamol Microtech Biocide Data Sheet). Mould release agents or decorative paints should be removed completely.

Structural defects, particularly mortar joints, repointing or rendering must be made good and allowed to cure for at least 1 month before treatment.

Enviroseal will not prevent ingress of water through cracks or defective joints.

If sandblasting / microb­lasting are carried out, ensure that the surface is hosed down with water extremely thoroughly. Repeat twice. Allow to dry. This is to ensure that the pores within the stone are not blocked with sand which may affect the application.

Surfaces must be substan­ti­ally dry before application of Enviroseal, and it is recommended that Treatment is carried out following a period of dry weather.

Nonabsorbent surfaces should be treated.

Where backings are heavily contaminated with salts, there is an increased risk of spalling of surfaces treated with water repellents.

The application of Envirosealis not recommended under these circum­stances. If doubt exists, advice should be sought from The Technical Department of The Wykamol Group.


 Protect surfaces liable to be splashed during treatment, especially glass window panes, UPVC window frames and decorative coatings.

Apply two coats of Enviroseal liberally to the prepared surface using a large brush,

Lambs wool roller or low pressure pneumatic spray equipment.

Take care to ensure no excessive overspray occurs and avoid inhalation during application.

In exceptional circum­stances a further coat may be necessary. Allow at least 2 hours between coats and do not apply to surfaces affected by rain or frost.

Coverage will depend upon the porosity of the surface to be treated. Typical consumption is 4-5 m² per litre per coat, this may be reduced to 2 m² per litre on highly absorbent surfaces.

Any overspray should be removed with silicone cleaner.

Treated surfaces may be over painted with masonry paints after appro­ximately 1 week.


  • Appearance Clear solution
  • Drying Time Approx. 3-4 hours
  • Shelf Life At least 1 year in unopened

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