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Eradicate Mould With Wykamol Eradication Kit Available From Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire

Do you know how bad mould is for your health? Well fear not we have a fantastic product from Wykamol to help eradicate mould from your home.


The Wykamol Mould Control System (MCS)is a three-stage treatment for walls, ceilings etc. affected by condensation mould. When Wykamol recom­men­dations are followed, and all three stages are completed, surfaces will exhibit excellent resistance to mould growth even under severe condensation conditions. Typically, full control can be achieved for up to 5 years but this can be extended considerably where moisture control measures are implemented.

All the products described below can be used inde­pen­dently of each other but in most cases we recommend the full 3-stage treatment is used to achieve the best possible control over mould re-growth or coloni­sation.


MouldClear Concentrate – MCS1

Supplied as a 5X concentrate, this product is designed to provide an initial wash/ sterili­sation treatment to remove

and kill mould spores and surface growths on painted or papered surfaces. Wykamol recommend the wash is applied before removing mould-damaged paint or paper (to minimize spread of viable spores). When applied liberally to papered

surfaces it can be an effective stripping agent. After the first wash, and once damaged paper or plaster has been removed, it is necessary to apply a second wash with MouldClear solution to leave the surface clean and remove any residues of dead spores etc. It is recommended that mould affected woodchip and Anaglypta papers are always removed and are not recommended for re-instatement.

Based on established active ingredients, the MouldClear solution both cleans and sterilises the surface as the first stage towards re-decoration. Alter­natively, it can be used singly, as required, to control spore development where other measures are to be completed at a later time.


Biobond Stabiliser – MCS2

Biobond Stabiliser is a ready-for-use biocidal primer for ‘bonding’ plaster etc. surfaces prior to re-decoration. It contains a deeply penetrating inorganic biocide designed to kill off the ‘roots’ (hyphae) of the mould thereby preventing re-growth underneath freshly applied paint or paper finishes. The solution should be applied to reasonably dry surfaces to facilitate penetration of the substrate.


Anti-Mould Emulsion – MCS3

Wykamol Anti-mould Emulsion is a high quality decorative paint for internal surfaces and contains a long lasting biocide for the control of surface moulds. Available in Silk and Matt finishes and in Brilliant White, Magnolia and a range of pastel colours, the formulation has been proven over many years to provide effective resistance to mould growth in difficult areas. It is recommended that the Silk finish is used in Kitchens and Bathrooms.

Don’t Put Up With Mould Eradicate It With Wykamol


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