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Everbuild Fire Foam: The Professional Choice

With Bonfire Night coming up very soon, it's an ideal time to stock up on fire safety products. Greengate's, your local builders merchant, are proud suppliers of Everbuild Gun Grade Fire Foam, available now at the most competitive market price.

Everbuild B2 Gun Grade Fire Foam is:

SAFE. Meeting the strict test criteria of the British Standard 476 (Part 20), Everbuild Fire Foam is fire-resistant for up to a full two hours in certain joint configurations. This high level of fire rating means that the formula strongly inhibits the passage of smoke and flames in the event of a blaze

FAST. The quick-setting formula ensures that it can be cut, plastered and/or sawn just one hour after application, reducing downtime and improving efficiency

ECONOMICAL. Everbuild fire foam is supplied in a cost-effective 700ml pack and expands up to 50 times its original volume upon application

EASY. The formula is simply applied using a standard foam applicator gun

INSULATING. As well as resisting smoke and flames, Everbuild fire foam displays temperature- and acoustic-insulating qualities

VERSATILE. When used for filling applications, the formula is perfect for gaps around pipe entries, window/door frames and irregular gaps in masonry. It can be used for electrical wire chasing and deep joints prior to the application of plaster. The formula is also ideal for fixing in timber structures and in automotive applications

As with all construction chemicals, it is essential to fully read and understand the supplied instructions, as well as taking appropriate safety measures. For further information on this product and using it safely and effectively, get in touch with our skilled technical assistance team.

Enjoy Bonfire Night safely with Everbuild Fire Foam from Greengate's.

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