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EXRATIME Plaster Retarder Available From Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire

Extratime is an additive that lengthens the setting time of finishing plaster.

Extratime is a chemical additive for use with finishing plasters.  The additive slows the curing process of the plaster by slowing the chemical crystal formation that causes the gypsum plaster to set or harden.   Extratime is recommended for moderate lenthening of finishing plaster setting times.  Extratime will lengthen the setting time by 30-60 minutes depending on the ambient temperature and relative humidity of the environment.

Extratime is an excellent product which allows more time to complete larger areas.  It is ideal for ceilings and large walls or in hot weather.  It simply takes the pressure off.

Extratime is suitable for use with all finishing plasters.

To use: Add Extratime to clean water and whisk in completely before mixing with the plaster. Do not mix straight into the plaster mix.

Mix one sachet with every 25kg of finishing plaster.

Extratime has been developed by a plasterer with over 20 years experience in the trade.  A product designed by the trade for the trade and DIY alike.

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