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Families In Need In Hyndburn

Living In Hyndburn Is Harder Than Living Through The Depression Says Local Charity

The plight of families trying to make ends meet in Hyndburn has been laid bare in two shocking new reports.

People in the borough are among the most at risk of falling into poverty or having their homes repossessed in the country, it has been revealed.

According to one survey, 30 per cent of homes in Hyndburn are in danger of slipping below the breadline – the second highest figure in the UK.

And a separate report by the charity Shelter has shown that the borough is the 21st worst in the country for repossessions with around 167 homes a year being reclaimed by the banks.

The damning reports come just weeks after Accrington Observer highlighted that the high numbers of food parcels being handed out by the Maundy Relief charity, with organiser Dorothy McGregor saying that for many families in the borough life in 2012 is ‘worse than The Depression’.

The charity has now handed out more 700 parcels since the start of the year.

Most people are only eight weeks away from serious debt and if you are out of work will struggle to pay your rent or mortgage.

Research carried out by financial experts Experian shows how 30 per cent of the borough households are 'on a cliff edge' of falling into poverty.

The Breadline Britain report by Experian places Hyndburn second in the county out of 406 local authorities with only Torbay in Devon thought to have a higher percentage of families at risk of falling into poverty.

The report found that Hyndburn fared worst for low income families living in poor quality older terraces.


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