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Favourite British Double Acts

Now a list has been compiled of Britain’s top 50 favourite pairings ranging from Marks and Spencer to Wallace and Gromit and Posh and Becks.

The survey of 1,000 adults put fish and chips in first place but also recognised that the seaside favourite would be no good without salt and vinegar.

Besides tea and biscuits at No 2, other edible combos include bacon and eggs, roast beef and Yorkshire pudding and sausage and mash.

Then there are Wimbledon favourite strawberries and cream and coffee and mints.

From Coronation Street comes Newton and Ridley, the fictional brand of beer served in the Rover’s Return. Other thirst quenchers are the summer stalwart Pimms and lemonade and gin and tonic.

Comedy pairings are well represented. Apart from Eric and Ernie at No 3, the list gives us The Two Ronnies, Del Boy and Rodney, French and Saunders and Steptoe and Son and Ant and Dec.


We love our double acts in this country, from Posh and Becks to cheese and crackers


From sport there is Torvill and Dean and football pundits Saint and Greavsie – Ian St John and Jimmy Greaves.

From the world of music, there are Lennon and McCartney, Jagger and Richards...­and Chas and Dave.

The world of commerce and business is represented by great British brands such as Marks and Spencer, Rolls-Royce and Fortnum and Mason.

The survey was commissioned by chocolate makers Elizabeth Shaw to launch their Flutes chocolate batons range.

A spokesman said: “We love our double acts in this country, from Posh and Becks to cheese and crackers.

“They all show just how well two different elements can go together to create something magical, whether it is showbu­siness, sport, food or business.”


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