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Five Reasons to Fix Fencing!

The compre­hen­sive Greengate's collection of landscaping products allows you to create a unique, beautiful and practical outdoor space with the minimum of fuss and cost. Among the collection, you will find access to a wide range of fencing products, including posts, panels and accessories.

If you're considering erecting a fence, then the following benefits of fencing might help you to make the right decision...

  • Safety & Security. A well-built fence made using high quality materials like those available at Greengate's builders merchant helps to improve the safety of children and pets, who might otherwise be able to exit the outdoor space. It also helps to deter and prevent intruders getting in.
  • Establishing boundaries. A fence creates a visible boundary between properties, helping to prevent accidental or even intentional trespass. Boundaries are not always clearly delineated but a fence can be understood by everyone.
  • Privacy. No matter how well we get on with our neighbours, the garden should be a private place and a fence helps to deliver that privacy. Planting trees along the fence can further improve the privacy level.
  • Aesthetic appeal. Though most fences are built purely for practical purposes, that doesn't mean that aesthetics should be neglected. Our collection of fencing options encompasses a wide variety of visual styles, designed to suit a wide range of aesthetic sensi­bili­ties.
  • Preventing weeds. If your neighbours are not particularly vigilant about protecting their gardens from weed growth, the problem may be transferred to your own garden. A fence can help to prevent this but if the damage has already been done then you need Weedol, also available here at Greengate's!

These are just some of the many compelling reasons to install a profes­sional-quality fence in your outdoor space. Discover your options here on our website and get in touch with our team if you need any further information.

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