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Torrential rain caused flooding across large areas of northern England, with some people being forced to leave their homes.

The Environment Agency issued flood warnings to over 4,700 homes across the North West

Some homes in the Lancashire areas of Hyndburn, Whalley and Darwen were evacuated after nearby rivers burst their banks.

Up to 500 properties flooded in one night in north-west of England.

A month's worth of rain - more than 100mm - fell in the North West and North East in 24 hours.

Major clean-up missions are still under way with some businesses having had to close for a few weeks after the River Calder burst its banks causing flooding in Whalley, Billington and Mitton.

Now officials at the Environment Agency are urging residents in the Ribble Valley to prepare personal flood plans should the severe wet weather strike again.

Mr Steve Moore, the North West Director for the Environment Agency, said: “We are pleased that the worst of the rain has now passed and that communities can begin to recover from the disruption that the floods have caused. Our thoughts are with the people affected, as we know that the post-flood clean up can still be a difficult time.

“As people have seen first hand  flooding can cause huge worry and heartache, and we urge people to always be prepared for the risk. People can sign up to Floodline warnings on our website which will give them vital advance notice and time to prepare.”

“Ring Floodline on 0845 988 1188 to find out if you are eligible to get an Environment Agency flood warning.”

If you live in an area that may flood you need to be prepared.  Here at Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington you can make a start with the hessian sand bags that we have for sale.

Don’t think it won’t happen to you because it could, the weather is not set to get any better in the next few weeks so be prepared, flood damage is not nice to deal with!

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