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Foam Insulation: Protect YOUR Pipes!

It's common knowledge that cold winter weather can cause water to freeze in pipes, possibly resulting in breakage and subsequent leaking. Unless it's actually happened to you, it's hard to appreciate just how devastating the problem can be but take it from us: you don't want burst water pipes! A small investment in pipe insulation now can save you time, money and stress in the future.

The burst pipe due to frozen water issue is obvious, but did you know that insulating pipes can also have beneficial effects all year round? For a start, insulating hot water pipes will make you an instant cost saving on energy bills: by preventing pipes from losing heat to the surrounding air, heat loss is reduced and the cost of heating lowered. Cold water pipes benefit from insulation too as it prevents them from sweating due to moisture conden­sation, reducing indoor humidity levels during warmer weather.

By far the quickest, easiest and most effective way to insulate pipes is with foam sleeves, designed specifically for this purpose. Each sleeve is pre-cut: simply slide the sleeve over the pipe, cut off any excess  and then seal using duct tape (also available here on the Greengate's website). Miter-cut the sleeves to fit around any awkward corners.

As well as standard foam pipe insulation, we also supply an equivalent product designed especially designed for pipes made from alkathene (Medium Density Polyethylene or MDPE). Check out your options online and buy today!

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