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Food Bank?

More Than 100 Food Banks In England

This is something I had not heared of before.­  A food bank.  Aparently there is now 100 of these orga­nisa­tions in England all helping people who can’t afford to buy food for their families.

Many people are watching what they spend right now - but some working families are struggling to feed themselves, because they have next to no cash left after paying household bills.

In the Bournemouth food bank, they are feeding more than double the number of people they were last year.

Many of those  in need have suffered a dramatic change in circum­stance, like losing their job, or they have been hit by a delay in receiving benefits.

But this UK food bank network is now starting to help people they never expected to see.

Director Chris Mould said: "We are now seeing an increasing number of people coming to the food bank who are in work, on low incomes, who simply can't cope.

"Static incomes, prices for food and fuel going up, and there are people making incredibly difficult choices - it's about whether they heat their homes or feed their family."

One of the families that have been helped recently was Jenni Ruegg.

Eighteen months ago, Jenni Ruegg did not think twice about filling up two trolleys with groceries at the supermarket.

But recently she could not send her children to school, because she did not have any food to put in their lunch boxes.

Putting food on the table has become a constant worry for Jenni.

And she has gone without eating herself to ensure her family is fed.

"We're not benefit scroungers. We've always been self sufficient. We've worked hard and paid our bills," said Jenni.

But those bills have been rising fast during the past six months and their cleaning contracts have been cut by more than half, as companies have reduced their spending.

The day after she could not send her children to school, Jenni was referred to a Trussell Trust food bank and given an emergency food parcel.

She is a proud mother, who at first refused her food bank voucher. But she is very grateful for the helping hand when she needed it most.

“what a fantastic organisation they should promote themselves more so people know they exist and what good work they do, lets hope we never need to use them” says Greengates  Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire.

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