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Food Bills To Soar!

BRITAIN’S washout summer is set to send household food bills soaring.


Experts have warned that shoppers will pay the price after farmers were hit by the worst wheat harvest since the 1980s.

Combined with the most severe drought in the US for 50 years and a heatwave in Russia, stiff price increases are inevitable in a matter of weeks, they said.


The cost of everyday items such as bread and meat will soar as supermarkets try to protect their profits amid rocketing wholesale costs. This means Britons now face a “very worrying” period, said consumer groups.


The British Retail Consortium says that overall food prices are already 3.1 per cent higher than last year. Spokesman Richard Dodd said wheat prices are up by 29 per cent.


 “The risk remains that supermarkets will pass on these increases within the next few months. Around Christmas seems a likely time-frame.” National Farmers Union president Peter Kendall said: “There are many farmers down 25 to 30 per cent on the wheat crop. It’s been soul-destroying for the farmers growing the crops.”


Shoppers could soon start paying more for chicken and eggs as the drought in the US threatens to push up poultry prices.

The crisis has led to a reduced wheat and soya bean crop, used here to feed chickens. The British Poultry Council said the amount the industry spends on feed could jump by 35 per cent and price rises in the shops were inevitable.


The extreme weather has also taken its toll on the amount and quality of food produced.




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