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Frost, Get Lost! Hessian Frost Protection Covers

Hessian is a woven fabric which, made using extremely tough fibres, is a robust material with many versatile uses. It is a particularly useful fabric in winter as it can be used for frost protection, preventing damage to vital materials and reducing downtime.

Though they have many uses in the domestic sector, hessian covers are also particularly useful in construction appli­cations. Frost can negatively affect building materials and tools, reducing their performance and even making them dangerous: hessian frost protection is a simple, cost-effective way to prevent damage.

Building materials like bricks and blocks are highly vulnerable to the freeze-thaw effect, whereby moisture that has migrated into tiny cracks and pores freezes and widens the gaps. This allows more moisture to enter which, upon freezing, makes the gaps ever wider, resulting in damaged materials. Simply covering such materials in hessian insulates them and prevents this damage occurring.

Building materials damaged in this way must be replaced, which has an obvious impact on budget. The downtime while waiting for repairs or replacements adds further costs through reduced produc­tivity. Hessian frost protection covers represent a miniscule initial investment that could save major added costs in the future.

Supplied in cost-effective 46-metre rolls, hessian frost protection covers from Greengate's measure 137cm in width and are easy and convenient to store for when they are most necessary. The material is easily cut using a standard blade or pair of scissors, allowing for rapid installation when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Hessian is also an ideal material for creating robust sandbags for flood protection: find out more details on the website, where you can find empty hessian bags and the sand to fill them with.

For more information about our hessian frost protection covers, please get in touch with a member of our skilled technical team.

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