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Greengates Builders Merchants, Lancashire Provides Further Measures to Deter Thieves

You may be surprised to know that cigarettes and loose change can be a big enough incentive to break into your vehicle. A lesser known fact is that non-branded vehicles are less attractive to thieves. Locking your vehicle in a garage overnight will also help protect it from thieves.

You may also want to consider a wheel lock. If thieves see this through the window, they are less likely to attempt to steal your vehicle, compared with one without a lock parked in the next bay. Another good tip is to have your vehicle number profes­si­onally etched, for example, on the windows and the chassis; this makes it easier for the police to trace your vehicle in the eventuality of it being stolen.

These measures might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t think twice about leaving their tom-tom, stereo or mobile phone on display. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we’re experiencing record numbers of reports of thefts of these attractive and easy to sell-on items. Many of these security precautions are simple and cost nothing- just time and common sense.


Ways to protect your vehicle from thieves:

  • Alarms/ Immobilisers
  • Remove detachable items from the vehicle
  • Lock all doors and windows
  • Keep items inside the vehicle out of view
  • Lock your vehicle in a garage overnight
  • Wheel lock
  • Have your vehicle number etched on windows and chassis.


So our advice today here at Greengates Builders Merchants, Lancashire is follow these common sense steps to help prevent your vehicle from being stolen.


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