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Garage Doors from Garador: Recommended by US

Garages have always been a popular target for thieves, who break in with the hope of stealing tools, bicycles, vehicles and other heavy-duty valuables. Securing your garage is therefore of immediate and pressing importance; the first line of defence is the garage door and this should be sourced from a supplier with a track record of providing doors of professional quality.

Garador, as one of the leading UK manufacturers of garage doors as well as front doors and operators, are a company with just such an impressive reputation. They operate from a state-of-the-art production facility in Somerset, producing a wide range of garage doors that are unrivalled in the well-populated industry and can boast half a century of experience to boot.

Naturally, such a pedigree means that their products are covered by full and exhaustive warranties; 5 years for GaraMatic operators and 10 years for up & over, sectional, and GaraRoll styles. Properly maintained, all will continue to provide the same uncompromised functionality and attractive appearance they had when first installed, long after the warranty has run out.

Aesthetic appearance is important as function and so Garador offer a full complement of colours, finishes and styles of product. This means that finding a door to suit your property, whether it is traditional, modern or a fusion of both, is a simple and indeed enjoyable matter. Potential purchasers who are not quite sure which door will function and look best at their property can make use of the information supplied in the ‘Garage Doors Explained’ section .

Greengate’s local builders merchant have a pretty impressive reputation of our own and our expert team recommend Garador products wholeheartedly, going so far as to provide interested customers with a direct link to Garador on our own website. Visit today for a safer tomorrow.

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