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Garden Edging Stones From Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire

Edgings not only keep your beds, soil and gravel in place, they can also help define areas of your garden and be used to create pathways and other decorative features. Rustic, contemporary or Victorian, we have a wide range of styles available for that finishing touch to your garden.

Whether you're looking for elegant and formal edging designs or something a bit more rustic and timeworn in appearance, you've come to the right place. We have a compre­hen­sive choice of edging styles available in both natural and recon­sti­tuted stone, many of which match with the many different paving options we have on sale for those of you who prefer a fully coordinated look. They're the perfect way to define borders and herbaceous beds, to make a real design statement.

So come along and have a look at our Victorian Scroll in terracotta, contour edging, Bradstone rounded, Bowland stone Barley rope and many more.

Come and have a look at the paving we have to match these edgings.

Have a look on the web site for more inspi­rational ideas and see the full range of paving and edging stones we have to offer.

Or come along to our Whalley Road Yard and see for yourself the fantastic amount of paving and edgings we have for sale.

We have a daily delivery service so no need to wait for weeks to get your paving.

Order today and get your garden project of to a good start this weekend.

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