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Product Description

GeoFix Paving Jointing Compound is a unique ready to use self curing jointing material for all types of paving having joints of 5mm and over. GeoFix Paving Jointing Compound is a quick and easy way of applying a permanent rigid joint with no special machinery or equipment required. GeoFix Paving Jointing Compound is suitable for natural stone, concrete, slate, clay, terracotta and granite and can be used in areas subject to light vehicular traffic.

There are many benefits of GeoFix Paving Jointing Compound:

  • Supplied ready to use, no mixing required.
  • Simply brush into joints and compact.
  • Cement free – Non staining.
  • Sets hard, wont crack or wash out.
  • Resists weeds and plant growth.
  • Totally weat­her­proof, unaffected by frost.
  • For all joints of 5mm wide and over.
  • Water permeable, allows water to escape.

GeoFix Paving Jointing Compound can be used in a variety of areas:

  • Footpaths,
  • Outdoor patio areas,
  • Indoor stone floor areas,
  • Pedestrian areas,
  • Driveways.

Surface Preparation

Before using GeoFix Paving Jointing Compound ensure that the paving to be jointed is dry and free from loose dirt, oil, debris and grease etc. it is essential the joint widths are a minimum of 5mm wide with a minimum depth of 25mm. deeper joints can be filled with dry sand or other materials to meet the required minimum depth.


  1. Lay paving onto the base in accordance with the paving manufactures instruc­tions. Allow a minimum joint width of 5-6mm and a depth of at least 25mm.
  2. Carefully open the vacuum-packed bag and sprinkle GeoFix over the area to be joined. Work in small areas of approx 2-3 squared metres at a time. Once open the entire bag must be used within 1hr.
  3. Using a soft brush, push the GeoFix compound into the joints at a 45° angle.
  4. Firmly compact GeoFix with a pointing tool, refill and repeat ensuring a fully compacted and topped joint. Firm compaction is the key to the successful laying of GeoFix. Ensure GeoFix is finished slightly below the surface.
  5. After application, brush off excess with a soft brush, taking care not to brush out any GeoFix from the treated area. GeoFix will harden over a 2-3hr period.

Coverage Calculator


Paving Dimension To Be Jointed (with a joint depth of 25mm)

Joint width

250mm x 250mm

450mm x 450mm

600mm x 600mm



22.0 m²

26.5 m²


11.0 m²

19.0 m²

22.0 m²


9.0 m²

16.5 m²

17.5 m²


7.8 m²

14.5 m²

16.5 m²


6.5 m²

12.0 m²

14.5 m²


5.8 m²

11.0 m²

13.0 m²

The above figures show the coverage for a 20kg pack being used.














Everbuild GeoFix comes in 2 colours grey or buff.

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