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GEOTEXTILES, or MEMBRANES as they are more commonly referred to, are an invaluable asset in today's modern construction techniques, and are used in numerous groundwork projects where filtration, drainage,­protection, separation, soil stabilization, reinforcement and durability are required.

By strengthening & stabilising the sub base and preventing costly aggregates from being pushed into the sub grade soil, membranes effectively separate the different layers and thus prevent intermixing, whilst allowing surface water to pass through into the drains.

Geotextiles have three main roles in the construction industry. They are used to provide...


Filtration (liquids and gases)


...either singly or in combination.

Geotextiles have literally hundreds of uses, but the most common include...

Roads & Pavements


-to prevent bedding layers disappearing into sub-bases/­subgrades

-to keep sub-bases from mixing into sub-grades

-to minimise/­prevent soil-pumping



-as drainage composites or lagging to filter drains

-to inhibit reflective cracking in asphalt courses

-strengthening of poor sub-grades

Railway Construction


-similar uses to those in road construction

-separation of ballast from sub-grade to minimise 'pumping'



- track-edge drainage

-sub-grade and sub-base reinforcement

Ground Engineering


- weed control; root barriers


- usually as a drainage composite but also as a filter membrane for land drains


- used to stabilise topsoils

- to stabilise earth banks


Other Uses

Erosion Control:

- to prevent coastal or fluvial erosion
- to counter scour by wind and rain and surface run-off
- may be biodegradable and intended to last only until vegetation has established itself

Vapour/Gas membranes:

- impermeable to protect part of a structure
- damp-proofing; radon barriers

Landfill Sites:

- containment and filtration
- leachate and gas collection

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