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Get a World-Class Garden with Greengate's!

World Cup fever is raging and everyone is feeling the heat! The delicious summer weather is pretty hot too and that means more and more of us are spending lots of time in our gardens, enjoying parties, BBQs and general downtime with family and friends. Though the World Cup is in full swing, the final won't take place until Sunday 15th July so there is plenty of time to get your garden in its best shape with Greengate's, your local builders' merchant.

Ronseal Outdoor Varnish

Give exterior woodwork a new lease of life with Ronseal Outdoor Varnish, available in an economical 750ml tin from Greengate's. Perfect for doors, door and window frames, garden furniture and cladding, this unique, durable coating is completely transparent, giving an attractive aesthetic to almost any type of wood. As well as protecting against the damaging effects of water, Ronseal Outdoor Varnish also offers protection from UV radiation, preserving the natural beauty of the wood and resisting cracking, blistering and peeling.

Decorative Aggregates

Greengate's supply a number of different types of aggregates, including slate, pebbles, gravel, spar, cobbles and silica sand. Our stone aggregates are available in a variety of colours, from relaxing pastel tones to vivid, vibrant hues. Silica sand from Greengate's has been carefully chosen, offering the finest, most consistent texture whether supplied dry or moist. For a truly regal effect, try our Scotch pebbles, each of which is unique.

There are lots of other products available to give your garden a quick makeover so check out our website, particularly the 'Landscaping Products' and 'Outdoors' sections. Don't forget that we open at 7:30 am from Monday to Saturday for you early birds!

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