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Get Help With A Water Logged Garden At Greengates Builders


Do you have a problem with a waterlogged garden then you need to read on.

Land drainage is principally used to alleviate waterlogging in fields and gardens. Note that land drainage is NOT the same as a soakaway, although they may both be used to dispose of surface and/or ground water.

Land drainage works by providing an open conduit for groundwater to follow to a disposal point, or, in the case of dispersal drains, to a dispersal area or leach field. There are a few variations on this theme, involving the type of backfill material, and the type of pre-formed conduit that is used, but all rely on two simple principles; that the land drain provides a 'path of least resistance' for groundwater to follow, and that, left to its own devices, water flows down even the gentlest of slopes. 

Where land drainage is used to drain a larger garden, it should be installed in the classic herringbone pattern to ensure no point within the area is more than 2.5m from a drain. Some pre-planning is essential to ensure the best use of the drain and to allow for unavoidable features such as trees, walls, etc., and to ensure that the drainage runs to a convenient outfall at an acceptable gradient.


Another use for land drainage in the garden is as a collector drain, installed as a single line, 300-450mm from the edge of a pavement to carry away the surface run-off and prevent the garden from becoming water-logged. In this sort of scenario, a decorative gravel can be used to dress the surface of the drain, making it a feature of the hard landscaping.


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