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Get Ready for Spring

Winter, though just the same length as any other season, seems to drag on for a long time. Once Christmas and new year are out of the way, there isn’t a great deal to look forward to so we here at Greengates local builder’s merchants already have spring in mind! How will YOU welcome the return of nicer weather?

How about a Garden Party? It’s not only her majesty who can enjoy a little bit of tea and cake outside: you can easily make your garden fit for a queen with the many landscaping products available from Greengate’s. Every product we sell is guaranteed to be of the most professional quality and our team are also on hand to help you with anything you’re not sure of.


Wooden decking can completely change the way a garden looks, becoming a feature in itself as well as being highly useful. All of the boards, posts and base rails you need are immediately available from us, along with big bags of tough, durable screws to hold the whole thing together. Every garden is different and so you should look at lots of different ways of planning your unique decking before you start. It is essential to make sure the whole thing is safe and our products go a long way to help in this aspect.


Though it’s great to have good neighbours, you often want a bit of privacy from them too! Fencing is the ideal way to separate gardens and is also helpful in deflecting gusts of wind so that your guests’ party hats stay firmly on their heads! Check out our selection of fencing options to find the one that’s ideal for your garden and enjoy the most cost-effective pricing structure in your local area.

Stepping Stones

Inviting several people into your well-tended garden might give you a shiver of horror as you imagine the lawn and flowerbeds trampled on! A few stepping stones in selected areas will encourage everyone to keep away from vulnerable parts of the garden and will also add an attractive aesthetic.

There are lots more landscaping products to discover on our website so browse the selection and get your garden ready for spring with Greengate’s local builders merchants.

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