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Get Ready for Winter with Greengate

Winter is just around the corner and is already making its presence felt with a nasty chill in the air. Greengate’s supply a wide range of products designed to combat the cold and here are three of the best…

Sika Wintermix

Using mortar and concrete is made especially difficult during the winter months as the cold weather inhibits their properties. The only way to allow work to continue in cold temperatures is to use a liquid admixture and Sika Wintermix is one of the best on the market. It is an accelerator that delivers high early strength as well as ensuring a fast finish and curing time.

Sika Wintermix can be used in contact with embedded steel reinforcement as the formula has been developed without the addition of Chloride. The product is simply added to the premixed sand and cement which can then be immediately used, delivering early load bearing and trafficking properties.

Cromar Allweather Roof Coat

This unique compound is a bituminous cold-applied and solvent-based formula designed to resist water ingress through damaged roofs. Highly-efficient, the compound contains added organic fibre that increases strength and stability from the moment it is applied.

All roofs can benefit from the protection offered by Cromar Allweather Roof Coat. So whether the roof surface is asphalt, felt, concrete, metal, slate or tile, it is a matter of simplicity to make it totally resistant to the damaging effects of water.

Dickies Thermal Gloves

Whatever type of building work you're doing, you need to stay warm while you’re doing it. And, as your hands are your main tools, keeping them warm is essential in order to ensure that you can safely continue; gloves are the only way to avoid the sting of winter.

Dickies thermal gloves are designed for the rigours of outdoor work. The knitted gloves are made from 100% acrylic and have a Thinsulate lining to further improve their thermal qualities.

Get ready for winter wiith your local builders merchant here at Greengate!