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Insulation's what you need
Frozen pipes can quickly lead to a whole world of DIY-related disasters. The good news? Some tactically-applied loft insulation might just save the day.

"The quickest, easiest and cheapest way to stop your pipes freezing in your loft is to remove the loft insulation below the pipes and place it on top of them. The heat from the rooms below keeps them from freezing and the insulation above maintains your loft cover.

Hot stuff
The average home owner simply doesn't realise how much money can be saved through insulation. "Your home loses a third of its heat through the walls, so insulating wall cavities could save you around £135 a year, and insulating your loft could also save you up to £175," points out Chris Brain at British Gas.

"Even if you have insulation already, some people's loft insulation is only two inches thick, which is only about 20% of the recommended thickness. Topping up this insulation alone could reduce your bills by around £40 each year."

Have you found your house isn’t as warm and cosy as you would like this winter? Then don’t despair we have the solution.

SuperQuilt YBS Multi-foil insulation:

What is SuperQuilt?

SuperQuilt is a multi-layer Insulation blanket for use in pitched roofs. SuperQuilt offers massive thermal insulation in a thin, flexible, multi-layer membrane.

Superquilt is a very flexible, easy to fit, multilayer insulation that offers tremendous thermal benefits. Hot box testing confirms high thermal resistance of 2.51M2K/W for SuperQuilt accompanied by a 25mm air cavity either side of the material.

So if your home isn’t as warm as you would like then you need to come and see us at Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire for lots of insulation ideas.


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