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Get Well Muamba

Get Well Muamba

As we are all going off to watch our favourite football teams this weekend then perhaps we should all give a thought to last weekend when Bolton midfielder Fabrice Muama had a cardiac arrest whilst playing against Tottenham.

Fabrice Muamba has now spoken to family and friends, raising hopes the 23-year-old may recover from the cardiac arrest. Muamba asked about his son in his first words when awaking from a coma.

The Bolton star turned to his fiance Shauna Magunda, recognised her, and said: 'Where's Josh?', a friend told the Daily Mirror.

Muamba remains gravely ill in the London Chest Hospital, where he was kept in a coma for several days after collapsing at White Hart Lane.

But on Monday night a statement released by Bolton and the hospital confirmed Muamba was breathing on his own and had communicated with his family.

'He is now able to breathe inde­pen­dently, without the aid of a ventilator and he is able to recognise family members and respond to questions approp­ri­ately,' said the statement. 'These are positive signs of progress.

Although Muamba is now moving around un aided his long-term prognosis will remain unclear for some time. Given that Muamba’s heart stopped for two hours after his collapse, there remains fear he may have suffered brain damage.

Muamba’s emergency medical care on Saturday owed much measures implemented in the wake of Petr Cech’s head injury at Reading in October 2006.

And it was as the result of a tragedy in 1995 that heart examinations were made mandatory for all scholars, aged between 16 and 17, signing for professional Premier League academies.

“We hope that Muamba gets stronger every day and that he makes a full recovery” says Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire.


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