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           When to use Access Panels:

Access Panels for Home Renovation Projects - Easy to install and easy to use. Create a seamless look by installing the reversible access panel frame in a flush mount prior to building your wall. Simply nail the outer flange or the access panel to the wood framing and build up the drywall to the lip of the access panel frame to create a flush mount instal­la­tion.

Wall Access Panels - Used to access wires, valves, cables, conduits inside a wall or just create access to roof spaces and difficult to get to areas by cutting into the drywall or sheetrock.

Ceiling Access Panels - Used to access vents, ducts, wiring, cable shafts and conduits inside a ceiling. Simply cut an opening into your ceiling using the access panel as a template, apply adhesive on the outer flange and press the frame in place.

Access Panel Holes in Furniture - Perfect for hiding unsightly wiring. Cut an opening into closets or desks, install an Access Panel, and use the pre notched knock-outs in the access panel door to pull through wiring.

Home Security Applications - Need to install a hidden valve electrical controls, telec­om­mu­nica­tion and computer wiring or home security appli­cations. The Access Panel is your solution. Simply use the access panel door frame as a template to draw the size of the opening needed, use a saw to cut out the opening and insert the panel.

Outdoor Pool and Hot Tub Installation - An Access Panel comes in handy when installing pool pump valve and pool filter related equipment. The high impact ABS Plastic material of the Access Panel is UF treated and does not fade and is water resistant.

Access Panels for Remedial work

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