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The nights are drawing in it’s the ideal time for vandals to do their worst. Don’t let vandals be a problem to you or your property use anti-vandal paint. It can be used on drain pipes, sills, tops of wall and fences, anywhere which may be used as a grip point to gain unauthorised access, use on electricity pylons to prevent access to dangerous areas, telegraph poles and lamp post to prevent climbing.

Don’t forget you must have a sign saying that there is Anti Vandal Paint or you could end up like Robert Brown a pensioner  from Wigan who says local children made his life 'hell'  so he put anti-vandal paint on his garden fence to stop them climbing on it and throwing stones at his windows.

Robert Brown also reported the youngsters to police and was delighted when officers came round to speak to him.

He assumed it was to take details of his plight – and was shocked to learn he was being prosecuted for criminal damage because the children had got the paint over their clothes.

Their mother alleged that almost £4,000 worth of furniture and carpets had been ruined by the youngsters treading the paint, which does not dry and leaves surfaces slippery, into her house.

Mr Brown was taken to court but the case was dropped.


Must be applied no lower than 7 feet from the ground. Mix well before use.

Do not thin the product.

Wear gloves during application and only apply to areas above arms reach.

Apply Anti Vandal paint with a short haired brush or industrial mitt, smoothing to a uniform finish to the recommended spreading rate.

 PLEASE NOTE that Anti Vandal paint should be clearly identified to the public with WARNING NOTICES.

Anti Vandal paint is not recommended for use on surfaces in areas which are subject to legitimate daily contact. It is also recommended that it not be applied to sills, fall pipes, walls, etc., within 7 feet of the ground level.

This is a great product just follow the rules correctly

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