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To provide a quick snapshot, 85% of housing built before 1965 in the 15 core EU states have no thermal insulation and only about 50% of dwellings in these countries have any form of thermal insulation so there is plenty of scope for reducing emissions and energy consumption. In the UK current thermal transmit­tance targets are set out in the 2010 Building Regulations and they continue to drive down target U-Values in new- build and refur­bis­hment.

Alumaflex Thermal insulation is specified to control three components of heat transmit­tance through the building fabric:

  • Conduction of heat through building fabric.
  • Convection via air movement.
  • Radiant transmis­sion.

Criteria for specifying Alumaflex thermal insulation.

  • Performance in use and longevity – full product certi­fica­tion
  • Buildability and the reassurance that on-site work will meet the required thermal design standards.
  • Will the insulation have minimal impact on building design and capital cost.

Performance in use and longevity: BBA certi­fica­tion

  • Alumaflex provides Stability and meets the expected effective life performance.
  • All U-values are achieved in practice using Building Regulations / BRE guidance.
  • Alumaflex has undergone stringent ageing tests carried out by the BBA which is the basis of calculations in the design performance.
  • Alumaflex is not vulnerable to factors affecting performance including moisture and vermin attack.

Buildability – Consi­dera­tion should be given to the following design issues when considering insulation materials:

  • Detailing required to achieve thermal integrity, including avoidance of cold bridges, air-flow paths, oppor­tuni­ties for settlement or compression of fill and other movement during and after construc­tion.
  • Ease of working around complex details on site.
  • Health and safety consi­dera­tions for the installer.
  • Ease of testing.
  • Do the materials meet the necessary test criteria under the Building regulations.
  • Requirements for vapour and radiant barriers to maintain performance.
  • Ability to undertake additional work without significant disturbance to the insulation materials.

Alumaflex: Impact on building design

  • The insulation material and effect on floors and external wall thickness are minimal.
  • Multi-Foil Insulation provides the opportunity to incorporate the insulation into other aspects of building function; for example, creating thermal benefits in limited spaces eg. the use of a roof void as a habitable space.
  • Alumaflex provides significant thermal benefit with a low level of capital cost.

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