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Go Green with Greengate's Artificial Grass!

Yet another morning of lovely sunshine is really getting us in the mood for springtime! Perhaps this time we will get a good one and we certainly deserve it after the long winter. Now that your lawn has finally stopped being a horrible, wet and muddy mess, it’s time for the warm-weather concerns of weeds, mowing, hosing and scorched, dead grass; have you ever wondered why you bother having a lawn at all?!

The benefits of having a green area to rest and play on in the warmer weather are obvious but a real lawn brings with it a lot of work if you want to keep it in top-top condition. A simple, quick and reliable alternative is to fake it; artificial grass has come a long, long way since the garish Astroturf days of the 1970s and is now almost identical in appearance to the real thing!

We have got a great range of artificial grass here at Greengate’s your local builder’s merchant. Why should you install an artificial lawn? Read on to find out… 

Easy, simple and FAST to install: no messing about, just follow the step by step instructions and you’re away!

Pure Realism: the most natural appearance means that even you will have trouble distin­gu­ishing the fake from the real

Low Maintenance: you can get rid of your mower and strimmer because you won’t be needing them anymore. To keep your new artificial grass free from debris, just use a leaf blower or outdoor vacuum and hose it down very occasionally - the rain will do the rest!

Long-Lasting:  the material used in the manufacture of our artificial grass is tough, flexible and UV-resistant. It doesn't matter how much you use your new lawn, the grass will keep springing back and retain its colour and shape

Pure Comfort:  when you experience the smoothness and gorgeous colouring of artificial grass, you will realise that it is basically like a lush outdoor carpet. And, just like with an indoor carpet, you will want to take off your shoes and socks immediately and experience the sensation on your bare feet!

Vibrantly Versatile: thinking outside the box, why not bring the outdoors in? Balconies, terraces, greenhouses and even homes have benefited from the artistic addition of artificial grass. Where have you used yours? We would love to see so please send us your photos

Start your browsing experience now and look forward to a greener tomorrow!

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