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Gorilla Tubs From Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire


Gorilla Tubs From Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire

Gorilla Tubs are the original 2-handled tubs that are the most useful tool for thousands of jobs around the home and garden. The tub is great for carrying, mixing, pouring, scooping, plastering, storing, washing, gardening, pets – the list of uses for your tub is literally endless!
Used by profes­si­onals the World over, the tubs are fantastic for many heavy duty jobs and are used by landscape gardeners, builders, plasterers, mechanics and fishermen the World over.
Two extremely strong handles and flexible body make handling the tub much easier than any normal bucket or tub.
Frost & UV proof means your Tub won't degrade in sunlight or frost Super-strong handles Tubs come in a massive range of sizes and colours Flexible yet very, very strong

Sweeping up into, Mortar bucket, Weeder, Storing toys, Scooper, Car boot tidy, Removing rubble from confined spaces, Welly wash, Tool wash, Plumbers bucket, Growing mushrooms, Flower basket, Manure collector, Wallpaper paste bucket, Dyeing fabric and batik, Car wash bucket, Mucking out horses, Compost mixer, Log basket, Apple basket, Water container , Displaying items at car boot sale, Washing basket, Hanging basket dunker, Animal water bucket,, Rockery stone carrier, Crop gatherer, Grass collector, Fish container , Animal feed bucket, Mixing compost, Storing food in kitchens, Soaking washing overnight, the list is endless !

Why not pop in and see us and get yourself one of these indis­pen­sable Gorilla Tubs.

Greengates Builders Merchants delivering to the whole of Lancashire including: Accrington, Blackburn, Burnley, Clitheroe, Darwen, Great Harwood, Haslingden, Padiham and Pendle.




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