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One of the hottest topics on the Government’s envi­ron­mental agenda right now has to be the long awaited and much talked about Green Deal. 


The Green Deal has somewhat of a mysterious air about it in that no-one really knows the precise detail about who will be responsible for driving the scheme forward and delivering it to the market as yet.


The Green Deal is set to be offered to home owners from October this year.


The Green Deal has been designed to encourage the take up of renewable technologies on a large scale in the UK.


The principal idea is that homeowners will be able to take out a loan to improve the efficiency of their properties under the scheme.


The loans will be up to £10,000 to spend on a huge variety of new technologies and insulation measures.


The idea behind the loan is that it is fixed to a property, rather than a homeowner, so if the homeowner decides to move the loan stays with the property and doesn’t move with them.


The thinking behind being fixed to the building in question is that any repayments on the loan should be made from savings on a property’s energy bills, as a result of adding renewable technologies and generally improving the building’s insulation properties.


In essence, the Green Deal is a good idea.  Having pledged to be the greenest Government ever, the coalition has clearly thought carefully about how best to address the problem of the lack of take-up of renewable techno­logies.


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