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Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire Asks Would Calorie Knowledge Stop You Drinking?

Ministers are to consider 'calorie labels' for wine, beer and spirits.

Bottles of wine and beer could display how many calories they contain to discourage people from drinking too much, under new Government plans.

Anna Soubry, a health minister, said officials have been in talks about “the possible inclusion of calorie content on labels” with the alcoholic drinks industry.

Ministers are concerned about the issue as an official study has linked the high calories of alcoholic drinks to people being overweight and obese.

They are separately looking at how to reduce deaths caused by alcohol and tackle anti-social behaviour fuelled by drink.

It is thought displaying calorie content could encourage those who watch their weight to moderate consumption.

Lager can be as fattening as a slice of pizza at around 250 calories per pint, according to the Drink Aware Trust.

The alcohol education charity also says two large glasses of wine have about the same amount as a beefburger at 400 calories.

The Government's preferred method of getting companies to provide more health information is through "respon­sibility deals". These voluntary agreements have successfully got fast food companies, including McDonalds, KFC and Pret a Manger, to provide calorie information on their menus.

Her new comments on calorie content come as the Home Office prepares to make a decision on whether to bring in minimum pricing of around 45p per unit of alcohol.


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