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Grit Mix For Winter From Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire


Our own made Winter Grit Mix is ideal for around your home.

Why not try our Winter Grit Mix which is a mix of white salt and sand. This is an ideal alternative to your ordinary Rock salt which is in short supply.  A grit mix is what Lancashire County Council puts in the yellow bins you see on the side of roads.

When applied to a layer of snow, the material in grit bins will help to prevent ice from forming and provide traction. The more foot-traffic the pavement gets, the more effective the grit will be as the action of people walking is needed to activate the salt – however it is designed to prevent icing and provide traction – it is not designed to entirely remove a layer of snow.

The gritters used to treat the highways spread 100% rock salt. The salt/sand mix used in the grit bins is proven to be effective at deicing and preventing ice from forming on pavements – the sand provides extra traction especially on snow and continues to be effective after the salt has dissolved in solution.

Here at Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire  we sell Winter Grit Mix in 25Kg bags. This is ideal for the paths around your homes and public buildings and can help to prevent staining to floors.

So why not give us a ring today and one off our helpful staff can discuss with you our full range of winter salt products. There is bound to be one to fit your needs.


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