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Have You Snapped Up Your Gator Glue Yet From Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire

 Have you tried the PU adhesive glue called Gator Glue? If not why not? Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire stock Everbuild Gator Glue. Gator glue works like it name sounds, once it gets hold it doesn’t let go.

GATOR GLUE, a new type of PU adhesive, with its vice like grip it is the ideal solution for all your DIY needs, woodworking and building jobs small or large. And because Gator Glue has BITE, it will bond almost any surface or substrate without costing you and arm or a leg.

GATOR GLUE can be used to bond most types of wood (hard, soft, exotic, painted), Formica, polystyrene foam, PU foam and glass wool to porous surfaces, rough or planed, lengths or sheet, everything from a picture frame to garden decking.

All types of masonry, indoors and outdoors, around the home and garden

All types of ceramics including crockery, vases, garden planters, ceramic tiles, sanitary ware, slate and porcelain.

All types of metals, from children’s toys to furniture repairs

                                                      GATOR GLUE is the adhesive with real bite.

Once applied, GATOR GLUE penetrates and expands slightly on cure, really “sinking its teeth” into both substrates to form a virtually indes­truc­tible bond.

GATOR GLUE sticks to most common substrates, will set hard in about 30 minutes and even sticks to wet surfaces!

GATOR GLUE is supplied as a liquid which is 100% seawater proof, gives excep­ti­onally high bond strength and is resistant to most chemicals.

GATOR GLUE may be used internally or externally.

Put simply, it is the essential glue for trade, household or hobby use.

GATOR GLUE is sold in 60ML, 150ML and 250ML

So why not give us a ring and buy your GATOR GLUE from us today

Greengates Builders Merchants delivering to the whole of Lancashire including: Accrington, Blackburn, Burnley, Clitheroe, Darwen, Great Harwood, Haslingden, Padiham and Pendle.


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