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Hello Summer! Special Offers on Outdoor Products

Everyone enjoys a bit of sunshine but for those in the building trade and serious DIYers, it means much more than simple pleasure. Bad weather makes many types of outdoor work impossible and makes ALL types unpleasant! So, now that the summer is on the way, it's time to get outdoors and start work in the outdoor environment, getting everything looking smart for the coming season.

Here are three outdoor products guaranteed to get things going:

Everbuild Geo-Fix All Weather Jointing Compound

Though it can be used whatever the weather (hence the name!), it's much more rewarding and much less unpleasant to use when the sun is shining. Perhaps the quickest, easiest way to apply a rigid joint on almost any kind of paving from concrete and clay to slate and stone, Geo-Fix All Weather Jointing Compound is supplied ready to use straight from the container with no mixing required. Just brush into the joints before compacting and wait a short time for it to set and you're ready to go. It won't crack or wash out, it's resistant to frost and weed growth and it's available NOW at a highly-competitive price from Greengate's, your local builder's merchant.

Plaspave Block Paving and Setts

If you're a creative landscaper (and of course you are), then you can select from this eclectic range of paving products to guarantee a professional result. Any property can be completely transformed with these products, which are available in an exciting and striking selection of colours, designs and textures. With Plaspave, it's a matter of simplicity to add style, value and an essential stamp of indi­vidu­ality to your property.

Ronseal Clear Satin Outdoor Varnish

Famous for doing 'exactly what it says on the tin', Ronseal products are renowned all over the world for their reliability. Ronseal Clear Satin Outdoor Varnish, supplied in an economical 750ml tin, is a durable, flexible coating for outdoor woodwork. Once applied, it protects the wood from cracking, blistering and peeling, enhancing the wood's natural beauty and shielding it from UV and water damage.

Check out details of these products on their individual website pages and enjoy the sunshine!

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