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Hiab celebrates 70 years of load handling innovation


Hiab, part of Cargotec, celebrates its 70th anniversary this year with the company reflecting on how the anniversary marks “one of the great ideas in modern industry”.

Seven decades ago, Swedish ski manufacturer Eric Sundin was struggling to get the heavy timber he needed from the woods into his ski factory. The Hiab Method he developed not only solved his challenge, but also sparked a revolution in load handling that continues to this day.

Eric, who co-founded Hiab in 1944, found a way to transfer the hydraulic momentum from a truck engine into a lifting motion - soon to be known as the Hiab Method. As Hiab celebrates its 70th anniversary, the method has been applied in over a half-million loader cranes and is used daily by crane operators in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Just as Hiab has grown, so has Sundin’s basic idea: that a vehicle equipped with hydraulics can do so much more than travel the road. Today the Hiab Method can be seen in the eight premium brands that comprise Hiab and share the elephant symbol including Hiab loader cranes, Moffett truck mounted forklifts and Multilift demo­un­tables.

The firm says what remains unchanged is the drive to meet real needs, whether they be high demands on speed and precision or the need for superior flexibility and the means to withstand the toughest working envi­ron­ments.

We are grateful for all our customers who appreciate the fine qualities of our products and the value added they bring to their business. This is worth celebrating.”


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