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High Performance Post Mix A Must Have Product From Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire!

High Performance Post Mix is a must have product when creating a new fence or repairing a damaged fence.

High Performance Post Mix is formulated to produce high early strength post hole concrete for setting all types of posts including; treated wood posts/supports, metal posts/supports, concrete posts and plastic posts.

There are several benefits of using High Performance Post Mix:

  • Fast setting as it sets in less than 10mins
  • Easy to use- all you need to do is just add water
  • Saves time- quick and convenient
  • Economic- less waste than some other methods

High Performance Post Mix is factory produced to ensure the highest quality concrete. The addition of admixtures is not recommended and could adversely affect the performance of the finished product.

One bag is sufficient to support a square post (75mm) in a hole measuring 200mm diameter x 600mm.


Technical Data

Setting time

Approx 5-10mins at 20ºC.

Cold weather will slightly retard the set time and hot weather will slightly accelerate the set time.


Cement & fine aggregates

Main cement type

Ordinary Portland Cement


Instructions For How To Use:

  1. Dig hole to recommended specifications.
  2. Fill to about one third (1/3) to half (½) full with water.

In sandy soils use slurry of Post Mix and water to line the sides.

  1. Place the post in the hole.
  2. Pour in Post Mix at a steady rate around the post while tamping to ensure thorough mixing. Bring dry powder up to the surface of the water. Add a small amount of extra water if any dry powder remains, tamp surface to eliminate air voids.
  3. Align the post to the desired position. No bracing required. Post Mix sets in approximately 5 to 10 minutes. Cold weather will slightly retard the set time whilst hot weather will slightly accelerate the set time. Warm water may be used in cold conditions to speed up the set.
  4. Cover the top of the hole with grass or earth.

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