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House Buyers Make Up Their Mind In The First 30 Seconds


So make the first impression last.

A poor first impression can be difficult to reverse, says David Newnes, director of LSL Property Services. “Start by making the exterior look inviting. Try to view your property from the perspective of a potential buyer to put right any problems.”

Tidy the garden, patio and bins, give the windows and sills a wash, cut back overgrown bushes and, if necessary, repaint the window frames and doors.

Next work on the inside.

“Declut­tering makes your property look more spacious,and suggests it has adequate storage. Light is important, so clean windows and pull back curtains to maximise it,” he says.

Display rooms for what they are, Newnes says. “If you use a bedroom as an office buyers will often find it hard to visualise as a bedroom. It is better to show it with a bed and wardrobe.”

Outdated avocado or pink bathroom suites are a real turn-off. “They can knock up to £8,000 off the value, so it may be worth spending a smaller sum to replace them with plain white.”

Damp patches, cracks, mould and poor DIY all make potential buyers run a mile, Newnes says.

 “You have a better chance of selling your property if you have identified issues in advance and reflected them in your asking price or better still, fixed them.”

De-personalise by removing family photos, so prospective buyers can imagine themselves living there, says Robin King at Move with Us. “Consider redecorating and painting the property in neutral colours. Light dark corners to highlight space.

“Cigarette smoke and bad smells deter buyers, so get rid of ashtrays, pets and bins. Open windows to let fresh air in.

“Turn the heating on so the property feels warm and inviting rather than cold and damp.”

All this should help you sell faster and for a better price.

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