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House Worth 660Million

The richest man in Indian and the fourth richest in the world Mukesh Ambani moved into his new house which he had built for himself in Mumbai which is reportedly the largest house in the world. Ambani made is fortune in Reliance Industries conglo­merate.

Named Antilia after the mythical island in the Atlantic, the glass and steel structure has 27 storeys and, at 37,000 sq metres, has more floor space than the Palace of Versailles.

The higher floors enjoy sweeping views of the Arabian Sea, not to mention the city's 'slumdog' quarters.

Antilia is thought to have cost £44m to build but because of land values in India, is estimated to be worth £630m - at least twice the value of Liverpool football club (some would say three times, but we won't go there). Which he had tried to buy in February.

It has all the normal facilities of a megastar pad - a 50-seat cinema, a gym and dance studio. But any rock star can have those.

What the richest man in India also gets is garaging for 160 cars, a four-storey hanging garden and a staff of 600. With only one wife and three children, this means an average of 120 staff per family member.

The Ambanis are apparently busy sending out invitations to the housewarming party they plan to throw before the end of the month. Guests will have three helipads to choose from.

Why has Ambani, not known until now for conspicuous consumption, made such a public statement about his wealth?

Hamish McDonald, author of Ambani and Sons, a history of Reliance Industries, offers this explanation: "Perhaps he has been stung by his portrayal in the media as an introvert. Maybe he is making the point that he is a tycoon in his own right." 

Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire says good luck to him and what a pity he didn’t build in Accrington and we could of got some business!

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