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How Can Greengates Builders Merchants Lancashire Help YOUR Business?

As builders merchants battle for business in one of the harshest trading environments experienced in recent history, understanding and responding to the changing needs of their customers is crucial. A survey has recently been carried out in order to indicate the ways in which building trade professionals are currently operating and polling tradesmen. The survey highlights a number of areas where merchants can respond more effectively to customers needs. The results provide information about what it is customers look for in a supplier. 

Pie chart

One question asked in the survey was, ‘If there was one thing that merchants could do to help your business in the current climate, what would it be?’ It will be of no surprise for you to hear that reduced prices scored highest and more specifically on basic materials such as sand, bricks and cement. Here at Greengates Builders Merchants, Lancashire we have worked hard to reduce our prices throughout our building supplies. As can be seen from the chart above promotions also scored highly on the survey. At Greengates we are always working together to ensure we can provide our customers with promotional offers. A good delivery service was also recognised as something which merchants could do to help businesses. Here at Greengates we pride ourselves on the prompt delivery service which we offer our customers. 

Greengates Builders Merchants has responded to the changing needs of their customers in a time of harsh trading by ensuring we have promotional offers, we are well stocked, we have a prompt delivery service and most importantly we have reduced out prices!

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