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How Healthy Is Your Business?

Healthy People = Healthy Business

 Dr Dorian Dugmore, cardio and fitness specialist shocked the delegates at the BMF Conference with some hard hitting facts about stress, heart health and lifestyles.

 He showed a clip of an experiment conducted with football managers, checking their stress levels during a crucial game which featured five sendings-off.

Dugmore also conducted a stand-up­/sit-down poll which found that of the delegates, nearly all knew the profit and loss ratio of their companies, but almost none knew their own cholesterol levels.

"Workplace stress is up there with as a big risk factor along with more traditional risks like high blood pressure, smoking. If you are seriously stressed your fear centre reacts 200 times faster than if you are calmer. Heart rhythms directly impact physical and mental faculties.

"Regular moderate exercise, meditation or finding a calm five minutes to chill, and three random acts of kindness," says Dugmore. "These are all ways of reducing stress.

"If you have two or three risk factors - it's not three-times the risk, it's exponential: 12-14 times the risk. You need to know your numbers.

"The profit and loss of your business should be linked with the health of your people."


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