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How to Defeat the Rain with Geo-Fix

Here in the UK, we like to grumble about the weather. Despite this, we are also pretty resilient to it and it’s only rarely that rain stops us from doing what we set out to do; whether that’s a barbecue or a football match. Applying jointing compound is one of the few things that couldn’t be carried out in wet weather but all that was changed when Geo-Fix All Weather hit the market.

How to Defeat the Rain with Geo-Fix

Geo-Fix is a recognised market leader in the sector, providing time and labour saving benefits along with a top-class compound formula. And now, the company’s dedicated in-house team of expert developers have made the product even more versatile with the creation of Geo-Fix All Weather which, as the name suggests, can be used whatever mood Mother Nature happens to be in at the time.

Applying Jointing compound is a delicate affair and even light rain rendered it impossible. For years, the market was crying out for a solution and it was Geo-Fix who stepped into action to create the new formula. When released, it was an instant hit with everyone who used it, from professional builders, gardeners and landscapers to enthusiastic DIYers on the domestic market.

Geo-Fix All Weather is designed to bring all of the benefits of standard Geo-Fix but with the added waterproof quality. The Formula is supplied ready-mixed for the ultimate convenience and each foil bag is tightly sealed to prevent any conta­mina­tion. As you can see from our brief guide, using the formula is easy, quick and extremely dependable.

  • Wet the paving surface and keep it wet without allowing water to stand

  • Sprinkle the compound evenly, covering the correct area as indicated by our coverage table

  • Brush the compound into the joints until they are filled, then compact it using a pointing tool

  • Top up the joints with formula and repeat, finishing by sweeping away the excess at the correct angle and smoothing the compound in the joints

Refer to manuf­ac­turer's instructions for all of the important details and don’t hesitate to give our experts a call here at your local builder’s merchant if you need any advice or information.

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