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How to Get Privacy and Prestige without Paying a Premium!

Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Emails, phone calls, voicemails and text messages. In the digital age, it can sometimes seem as if we just don’t get a single moment to ourselves, just a slave to our mobiles, tablets and computers. This gradual erosion of privacy has started to grate on many people’s nerves and, in a bid to create a tranquil, secluded haven to relax in, they have used natural stone panels in a truly novel way to create effective, aesthetically-pleasing privacy fences. Simple, quick and extremely cost-effective, the idea could work for your outdoor space too - read on to discover your own private world, designed exactly to your unique personal specification...

There are all sorts of reasons for wanting privacy in your own outdoor space, from practical purposes such as creating a modesty screen near a hot tub or swimming pool to avoiding the prying eyes of nosy neighbours! You may not have any definite reason at all and this is absolutely fine as well - the right to privacy is just that, a right. Indeed, UK legislation around privacy issues fills a sizeable chunk of the statute book and the topic is passionately debated in many diverse sectors from data protection to speed camera enforcement.

Creating a privacy fence using natural stone panelling is a simple and rewarding DIY project. Using stone blocks, bricks & timber is a pricey alternative that necessitates a lot of work - why bother when you can easily create a hand-laid stone fence aesthetic for a fraction of the cost and less than half the hassle? A timber frame will support the strong-yet-light natural stone tiles and the whole project can be completed in a day by a conscientious worker.

As well as offering privacy, fences created in this way provide an excellent buffer against wind and a pleasantly-cool shaded area from the sun. It is even possible to create a movable fence thanks to the low weight and exceptional robustness of the stone panels. Any shape of fencing can be designed and installed with the Tier system - let your imagination be the only limit.

Privacy is at a premium in the digital age and so you should grab and embrace every moment. Increase the potential for these precious private moments by creating a prestigious privacy fence using products from the Tier Natural Stone available today at the most competitive price from Greengate’s builders merchant.

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