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Greengates Builders Merchants Asks YOU To Consider: How Would Your Vehicle Being Stolen Effect You?

Vehicle theft is a widespread problem in the UK; latest Home Office statistics reveal there were a staggering 1,497,000 vehicle-related thefts across the UK between 2007/2008. Many of us are guilty of sitting back with the ‘it won’t happen to me’ attitude but the hard facts show that car and van crime is a very real threat, which can happen to anyone at any time.

For the self-employed, your work vehicle is your lifeline. Without it, quite simply, the working week doesn’t happen. Every day without your wheels can mean a day’s loss of income. With the country now officially in recession, a day’s loss of income can make a significant difference to the profita­bility and future of your company.

Losing your vehicle can result in the incon­veni­ence of having no means of getting to work or important appointments and it can mean you’re unable to work, as most of your tools are often kept in the back of your work vehicle. To minimise the impact this can have on your future earnings, exploring options to make your vehicle safer has to be a top priority.

There are ways of making your vehicle safer which needn’t cost the earth, having security measures in place is very strongly associated with lower levels of thefts. Installing security devices could not only save you the incon­veni­ence of a stolen vehicle and possibly loss of earnings, it could, if you shop wisely, reduce your insurance premium.

Join us again tomorrow here at Greengates Builders Merchants, Lancashire to hear about the various ways you can help stop vehicle theft.

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