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Greengates Builders Merchants, Lancashire Agrees Illegal Gas Fitters Should Be Punished!

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is now warning illegal gas fitters that their dangerous and potentially life threatening behaviour will not be tolerated.

In the Boston Magistrates court this week, an illegal gas fitter Monty Alexander Brittain was fined £900 and ordered to pay costs of £650 for providing unqualified gas fitting services while fraudulently posing as a CORGI registered profes­sional.

The court heard that in May 2008, Mr Brittain illegally fitted a gas boiler using inapprop­ri­ately sized pipe work that could have presented a significant danger to his customer. The customer had initially trusted Mr Brittain's claims and false registration number stating that he was a qualified CORGI registered profes­sional. The offence was committed at a time when CORGI ran the gas safe registration scheme – now operated as the 'Gas Safe Register'.

HSE Inspector Jo Anderson said: "Illegal gas work can lead to a gas leak, fire, explosion and exposure to carbon monoxide. The actions of Mr Brittain could have resulted in someone being seriously injured or even killed.

"Anyone employed or self employed working on gas appliances in domestic premises must be a Gas Safe Registered engineer and competent in that area of gas work."

Greengates Builders Merchants, Lancashire wants to remind you how important it is to stay safe with gas. An unqualified person dealing with the gas in your home or work place could lead to gas leaks, fire, explosion, exposure to carbon monoxide and the results could be fatal.  Always ensure that anyone carrying out any gas work for you is Gas Safe Registered and competent in that particular area of gas work.

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