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Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire Agrees With The Energy Minister That The Industry must incentivise renewables.

The Energy Minister, has called on the Government and heating industry to work together to fight climate change and has pledged to search for a financial solution to incentivise the uptake of renewable technologies.

In wide-ranging remarks made during the opening of Worcester, Bosch Group's £2m research and development laboratory at the company's head office in Worcester, the Energy Minister said the impact of domestic heat on tackling global warming is often overlooked. 

"All the work we are doing, clean coal, nuclear, wind power is vital. But the area which does not get mentioned is increased efficiency to help us deliver low carbon energy solutions. It is in the domestic arena where much of this work must take place."

In particular, the Minister is targeting improvements to existing properties to improve energy efficiency. 

"Retrofit is the big challenge. We have tough regulations on newbuild, but the existing housing stock needs to be upgraded."

The Energy Minister praised Worcester's commitment to investment and urged more companies not to cut back in a downturn. "In times of economic pressure the last thing we want is for companies to reduce R&D expenditure. You are already ahead of the game. There will be more and more emphasis on low carbon energy efficiency.  Companies, like Worcester, that invest in R&D, will be the winners." 

Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire are pleased to hear that the Energy Minister is open to the need for incentivisation to encourage the uptake of renewables.


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