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Installing and Protecting Natural Stone Panels


When you consider the many benefits of the Tier® Natural Stone Panel System, from its ease of installation to the immediate aesthetic value it adds to any property, it becomes clear why the method is continually increasing in popularity. Greengate’s Builders Merchants offer fast, cost-effective and reliable access to the entire range of components necessary to achieve the most professional result, every time.

The Tier® Panel System can be installed to almost any type of structure, from concrete and blockwork buildings to timber or steel framed houses, when used in conjunction with securely-attached and safety-approved building board. Whichever type of structure is to be applied with the natural stone panelling, it is recommended that only the genuine Tier® Masonry Installation System (MIS) Flexible Adhesive is used.

Tier® MIS Adhesive is a polymer-fortified mortar that has been specifically engineered for use with the Tier® panel system. The versatile, high-strength formula is guaranteed to deliver the best non-sag performance during delicate vertical installation and creates a bond of intense strength between substrate and natural stone panel. To further improve strength and helping to allow a comprehensive 25-year system warranty to be offered as standard, Kevlar® is also used in the formulation of this powerful and reliable adhesive.

The adhesive is applied directly to the wall in an even layer with the use of a toothed trowel. Spots or dabs should be avoided as this will not allow the panel to bond correctly with the substrate. Once applied, the panel should be installed within 40 minutes for maximum bond. The easily-cut panels can be directly stuck to the wall for installations of up to 3m in height - higher installations require the use of a metal fixing system. Tap the panel into place with the use of a rubber mallet. natural, seamless corners are easily achieved with a choice of two sizes.

Once installed, taking care of your new natural stone panels is made easy with Tier® Stone Sealer, which:

  • Is an impregnating sealer which is water-based and has a low odour

  • Subtly yet noticeably enhances the natural tone and colour of the panels

  • Protects against staining by strongly repelling grease, oil and water

  • Provides a breathable protective barrier for the masonry, timber or steel below

Find out more about the Tier® Natural Stone Panel System by contacting us today - our trained advisors can offer expert guidance and support. For all of your building materials, delivered with a complete guarantee of quality and sold at the most competitive price, choose Greengate’s Builders Merchants.

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