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Is your home well insulated for the coming winter months, did you know that a vast amount of expensive heat escapes from your home through the loft. Department of the Environment figures show that up to 26% of heat loss escapes through this route but this is not the whole story. During the summer, a lot of excess heat enters your home through the roof.

By insulating the loft floor, walls and perhaps the rafters of your home with good quality insulation, you can keep most of the heat where it is meant to be. The living area of your home will be comfortably warm during the winter and pleasantly cooler during the summer if insulated correctly.

 After insulating, or topping up to the latest requirements, you’ll soon notice a reduction in expensive fuel needed to keep your home at a pleasant temperature. Remember that this is an ongoing saving, one that will reduce the amount of money you spend on energy for every year you live in your property. You also have the added bonus of reducing the amount of CO2 emissions pumped into the atmosphere – you can’t lose!

Here at Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire we stock a variety of insulation products which over the next few days we will go into in more detail.  The products we stock are:


Superquilt is a very flexible, easy to fit, multilayer insulation that offers tremendous thermal benefits. Hot box testing confirms high thermal resistance of 2.51M2K/W for SuperQuilt accompanied by a 25mm air cavity either side of the material.

Isowool Spacesaver

 Isowool Spacesaver is a high quality thermal and acoustic insulating mat in roll form, perforated along the roll to allow the user to use full, half or third width options in roof spaces. Glass mineral wool insulation rolls suitable for providing thermal and acoustic insulation in domestic-type pitched roofs.


Is a natural material of thin flakes which are very light and which also contain traces of water. When exposed to heat, i.e., when heat rises into the loft, the flakes expand to provide very effective and high quality loft insulation.

And, best of all for those of us who are fed up with the irritating skin rashes when using fibreglass blankets, vermiculite loft insulation does not irritate when touched and is fibre-free.


Xtratherm Thin-R is foil faced poly­iso­cy­anurate (PIR) insulation board suitable for use in floors, walls and roofs. Polyiso is formed by a blowing process which generates a rigid foam composed of fine, gas filled bubbles: it is those bubbles which give polyiso its superb insulating capability which is manufactured under ISO9001 assured quality system.

 Virtually all building elements can be insulated with polyiso; concrete slab, beam and block or timber floors, masonry or timber framed walls, flat and pitched roofs.

So read the next few days new articles for further information on each product or if you can’t wait till then contact us by phone today.


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