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Introducing KA Tanking Slurry

Concrete and cement are tough, durable building materials but are particularly vulnerable to damage from water ingress. Preventing water from getting into the substrate is therefore essential and there are several methods for achieving this; one method is the use of tanking slurry. Of the many brands and types available on today‚Äôs market, few are as reliable as the KA Tanking Slurry water­pro­ofing system.

Offering a compre­hen­sive solution to water leakage and seepage, the KA water­pro­ofing system is designed for use with any cementitious substrate The formula works strongly against all water penetration, delivering a tight seal that ensures permanence throughout the life of the structure it is applied to.

The formula is supplied as a powder which is mixed with water on site. This produces the slurry which can then be directly applied to a substrate such as concrete, blockwork masonry or cement render. It can be used with equal effec­tiveness on both new and old structures as long as they are sound, negating dampness in ground water permeation. Whether applied to the positive or negative side and even under hydrostatic pressure, KA tanking slurry suffers no reduction in functi­onality.

KA tanking slurry works by forming and developing crystals within the minute fissures and capillaries of the substrate. These crystals are completely insoluble, allowing them to block any further passage of moisture to ensure permanent water tightness. If instant leak plugging is required, the product can be used in direct conjunction with KA Super Plug.

One of the crucial qualities of KA tanking slurry is its versatility, which allows it to be successfully used for countless appli­cations. These include:

  • Retaining walls and columns in water-filled areas such as reservoirs, swimming pools and drinking-water tanks

  • A number of uses in sewerage and water treatment plants

  • Water­pro­ofing applications for basement conversions and other underground structures such as car parks, lift shafts and vehicle maintenance pits

Greengate Builders Merchants are proud to supply KA tanking slurry and, as your local one-stop-shop for all your building needs, we offer an extremely competitive market price across our select product range. So wherever water ingress creates a problem, fix it with KA; check out the product page for more details.

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