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Is Beer On It’s Way Out?

Sweeter and fruitier drinks are driving SABMiller sales as men feel increasingly confident ordering alternative beverages.

The world’s second-largest brewer said it was developing its drinks range beyond traditional lagers partly in response to the more experimental tastes of male consumers.

The expanded range of drinks choices, intended to be enjoyed alongside food or as an alternative to wine and spirits, is also driven by the growing number of “mixed gender drinking occasions”, where women have a stronger influence on the group drink of choice.

The brewer has created a range of Radlers, which are drunk in Eastern Europe, and a drink called Kornuit in the Netherlands to be drunk alongside food, while a range of less bitter, more unusual Ksiazece beers in Poland are intended to compete with wine and spirits.

One of the drinks which taps into more sophis­ticated tastes is Peroni Nastro Azurro, the second largest premium lager brand in the UK with price per litre 140pc higher than other premium lager.

Over the last seven years, this brand has broken all the beer category norms in the UK. It has done that by marketing itself as an Italian style icon like Armani or Prada, rather than as a beer.

SABMiller said beer and soft drinks sales in Europe should rise at a low single-digit rate over the next three to five years, as it expands its premium priced drinks range.


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