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Is This The End Off Spring!


Gusts of up to 60mph are forecast to tear through parts of the country and warnings were issued about falling branches and damage to property.

A deep low pressure system will see strong winds and heavy rain sweep through the Southwest today and threaten much of England and Wales.

Forecaster Helen Chivers said it will turn “incre­asingly wet and windy” throughout the day.

She said: “Wind and rain will start to pick up as Thursday morning goes on and this is going to move across the country from the South-west. We are looking at severe gale force gusts with winds of 50mph inland and up to 60mph near the coast.

“It will be very wet and windy, and staying unsettled into the weekend – a marked change from the lovely weather many of us enjoyed in the past few days.”

The dramatic change comes just two days after parts of the country basked in sunshine and blue skies.

Thousands flocked to Britain’s beaches and parks at the weekend as temperatures soared into the 70s. Families made the most of the first decent early May Bank Holiday for years.

Tuesday saw the hottest day of the year recorded at Crosby, Merseyside, where the mercury hit 75F (23.7C).

Jonathan Powell, forecaster for Vantage Weather Services, said it was a “very different picture” for the rest of the week.

He said: “There is a particularly vicious storm system gearing up to sweep in on Thursday.

“It definitely has the potential to be destructive.

“There is a risk of branches coming off trees and minor structural damage to buildings. Parts of the country will also see some very heavy downpours.

“It is remaining unsettled through the rest of the week and into the weekend and much cooler than we have seen of late.”

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